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Medical Freedom Has Been Hijacked

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Dr. Mary Bowden was suspended from Houston Methodist Hospital after sharing her views on COVID-19. Bowden is now speaking out and taking legal action against Houston Methodist Hospital.

Dr. Bowden has successfully treated patients using ivermectin, vitamin c, and other non-profitable treatments. Methodist Hospital is required to release its data and provide transparency to providers. Dr. Bowden noted that the hospital grossed $4 billion in assets before COVID, but would like to know how much their executives have profited since then and whether or not they have made deals with pharmaceutical companies.

She questioned the vaccines directly, as it is suspicious that the hospital will not release the data. How many people have had adverse reactions to the vaccines and what were they? She would also like to know how many people admitted for COVID were fully vaccinated, and even more damning, how many people died because they were refused early treatment.

We must question the narrative in order to change the narrative. The UK recently discarded useless restrictions, and we can hope that the COVID power grab will begin to fade as more people speak out without fear of retribution.