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McCabe Resigns Ahead of Internal Investigation Report on FBI

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Andrew McCabe, who has become the face of the Deep State, has finally resigned ahead of waiting for his pension on March 18th. Don’t worry, he is using his leave time to stall the clock so he gets his pension which he should forfeit. He was pressured to quit by FBI Director Christopher Wray in advance of an inspector general report examining the agency. This guy is a symbol of everything that is wrong in Washington. An internal communication authored by Mr. Wray shows Mr. McCabe’s early departure was the result of a forthcoming FBI inspector general report that concluded the agency must perform at the highest standards, according to CBS News.

The New York Times reported that Mr. Wray had expressed an interest in moving Mr. McCabe to another job, which would have been a demotion, ahead of the inspector general report. The rumors are running wild in DC and then the Deep State is starting to be noticed even by Congress. The sheer corruption in the Department of Justice and the Judiciary is off the charts. Let us hope this is just the first step in exposing how they have seriously acted against the people of the United States to embolden their own power of oppression. Naturally, James Comey has supported McCabe illustrating that indeed McCabe is not trustworthy.

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The rumor has it that the Inspector General Report looks into actions taken by McCabe and other bureau officials during the campaign when the FBI was probing both Hillary Clinton and the Trump camp’s ties to Russia. The mere fact that no notes were taken by Comey in the questioning of Hillary is against ALL protocol and was clearly intended to protect her. Mueller’s demands to interrogate Trump are a trap and Trump should NOT appear before Mueller, who is also ex-FBI.

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Comey James 2James Comey was the US Attorney in the Southern District of New York. He had no problem keeping me in prison without any charges, denied counsel, or any trial. They kept me in contempt even admitting that there was “no … description of criminal liability.” We are supposed to be entitled to Due Process of Law which means they are supposed to charge you with something against which you then defend.

If it were not for the Supreme Court, Comey would have been perfectly happy to leave an American citizen in prison until he dies totally denied any Due Process of Law. If what they did was legal, then they would never have released me when the Supreme Court ordered them to explain what I was doing in prison. They released me and then told the Supreme Court the case was moot since I was no longer being held.

This is how they operate. McCabe resigns now ahead of a report that shows he was corrupt as well as Comey?

These people should be the ones in prison. They are drunk with their own power.