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Jan 6 Political Prisoners

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“THEY’RE NOT AFTER ME, THEY’RE AFTER YOU…I’M JUST STANDING IN THE WAY!” Donald Trump repeatedly stated. US intelligence agencies have managed to sniff out every single person who was involved in the January 6 protest. They tracked down over 1,100 people, labeled them terrorists, and imposed harsh sentences to show the public the consequences of questioning authority. Intelligence agencies could not produce one single name off of Jeffrey Epstein’s international client list, nor could they find the person who brought drugs into the White House. Simply put, intelligence agencies are simply tools of the Deep State to demolish the opposition.

The US legal system has issued the harshest penalties to those who entered the Capitol building. They did not commit a violent crime and no one was hurt. It is hard to say that they were even trespassing since there is footage of agents opening the doors and allowing the protestors inside. There is a reason the likes of Pelosi failed to call the Nation Guard and allowed the protestors to roam the building – it was an inside job.

Former Proud Boys leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio received the harshest sentence – 22 years in prison. Judge Timothy Kelly said that Tarrio attempted to block Joe Biden from receiving presidential powers, citing, “It can’t happen again.” Tarrio resides in Miami and was not present on January 6. “I am not a political zealot,” Tarrio said. “Inflicting harm or changing the results of the election was not my goal. Please show me mercy,” he said, adding, “I ask you that you not take my 40s from me.”

Rapists receive more lenient sentences. A military veteran by the name of Ethan Nordean received an 18 year sentence, which is less than the 27 year sentence the prosecutors wanted. In fact, most of the Proud Boys who were arrested have served in the US military. The entire ordeal has turned ordinary citizens into criminals.

These people are political prisoners. They were permitted to enter the building. There were FBI agents among the protestors. Ray Epps was filmed on video enticing the crowd to break into the Capitol the following day. His behavior was so questionable that the crowd began chanting, “Fed! Fed!” It was clear to them that he was not there to protest peacefully. On the day of the Capitol “siege,” Epps is filmed talking to another man before they began removing the barricades. The men began encouraging others to join them.

So now, the public is aware that the government will lock up anyone who tries to deny the results of the next election. Everyone is focusing on Trump’s charges, but they are also taking down anyone who does not believe Joe Biden secured over 80 million votes. Those who genuinely feel they lost their right to vote will be less likely to speak up the next time around. This message is particularly prominent this week as I repeatedly hear correspondents compare J6 to 9/11, an unbelievably insulting way to frame these events and a nod to how demonized the right has become.