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Is it Time for a Class-Action Lawsuit Against the World Health Organization?

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World Health Organization

I have never seen such absolute rhetoric coming out of any organization that is supposed to be impartial as that from the World Health Organization. All of their predictions have been dead WRONG. It is curious how they support Bill Gates and we should remain locked-down until we are all vaccinated and tested. The tests to see if you have COVID-19 have at least a false positive result of 5% if not higher. The CDC admits that the flu vaccine is only 60% effective. So why are we locked-down until vaccinated when that is not a 100% preventive measure? This is a false narrative.

Now the WHO has the audacity to come out and say that Britain should keep its people in prison and destroy its economy because the test to see if the people are immune is not reliable?

soup kitchens LA 1929

This is not a virus that is any more lethal than the flu. We do not lock down the world economy every flu season. What is their real agenda here? The Gates proposal that everything in the world must be vaccinated before the world economy can return to normal? Who make him the world emperor? Why is the New York Times, Washington Post supporting Gates against the people? WHY?

The economic damage has destroyed people’s lives and that increases the chances of war. I find this extremely arrogant for most countries do not have unemployment benefits. Many countries are highly dependent upon tourism like many islands, Thailand, and South Pacific not to mention Greece, Italy, and Spain. Those people are going to be waiting in lines for soup kitchens in third world countries and starvation is already rising.

There should be a major class-action lawsuit brought against the WHO which can expand thereafter with subpoena power to see who they have been conspiring with. It is time to do something that politicians are unwilling to do because perhaps it might involve them as well. The United Nations is not a sovereign government and should have no immunity.

PS – do not sue them in New York City. That is probably the most corrupt federal court.