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How Ukrainian Oligarchs Spend Humanitarian Aid

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Are you not curious about where the endless blank checks to Ukraine are going? They are usually labeled as something vague like humanitarian aid or weapons. One Ukrainian top military official seems to have stumbled into wealth amid a full-scale war. Odesa Military Commissariat, Yevhen Borisov, has spent millions of dollars on funding a newfound luxurious lifestyle.

Borisov purchased a €3 million villa in Spain, as well as office space in the chic and expensive city of Marbella. The military commander also purchased multiple luxury vehicles during this time. He now owns a 2022 Mercedes-Benz B-class electric car with a retail price that begins at $100,000. He bought 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV as well, and Pravada estimates that all his new cars retail for at least half a million USD.

The Kyiv Post reported that Borisov denies making any luxury purchases. Instead, he claims his wife, mother, and mother-in-law all made purchases, some under his name, and he “doesn’t know whether his relatives bought real estate on the Spanish coast.” I think most wives or mothers would mention to their provider spouse or son if they purchased a multi-million dollar villa in a foreign country. He claims his mother-in-law purchased a Land Cruiser for herself, amid the war, that other nations are funding.

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has been investigating Yevhen Borisov and his family ONLY because they were caught. Spain offers Ukrainians a “golden visa” if they invest more than €500,000 euros in the country, and this often become a fast-track method to obtaining permanent residency. Spain is also offering Ukrainians €400 per month as war refugees. Regardless, Borisov is NOT the only Ukrainian oligarch profiting from the war. His newfound wealth happened precisely when countless Western nations began to provide unlimited aid to Ukraine without asking for a receipt.