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Healthcare Still a Mess

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QUESTION:  I read the Obamacare repeal blog. I agree with the tax part. But removing pre existing conditions and most of the coverage protections when majority of families in US is one disaster away from bankruptcy and dying without coverage. is that right?



ANSWER: No. There was a very simple solution. The healthcare industry should be nationalized as are utilities (not ownership) because it is a necessary monopoly. Any price increase must be approved and lawsuits must end. There should be predefined limits for damages not open-ended.

Anyone with problems of health that were uninsured should have been covered by Medicaid. There was no need to change the insurance of 300 million people for 20 million.

They made student loans non-dischargeable in bankruptcy to help bankers. What they should do is the reverse – exempt hospital bills from being able to garnish wages or assets or push anyone into bankruptcy.

Healthcare and Education have become abusive because they bribe politicians to keep their funds flowing. If they really had to compete, prices would decline.

Nobody should suffer and nobody should die because they lack money. That is how the justice system works. You get a court appointed lawyer whose job is to lose – they have a near perfect record of losing every case about 99%. Any wins are by stupidity of prosecutors not brilliance of defense lawyers.

Hospitals have been doing their best to put private practitioners out of business. You join the club, or you are out. Sound familiar?