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Healthcare Reform

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Money Laundering 2

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong,
President Trump is claiming that he has come up with health care programs for employees that have lowered the cost below Obamacare. Do you think this is a true statement? Trump also claims he is coming up with even lower health care costs. Amazon, JPMorgan and Warren Buffet are creating healthcare services for their companies that will lower their company costs. Do you see that health care costs are being disrupted and will go down overall in the future?

Thank you for your comment.

Healthcare 1ANSWER: Obamacare was done for the hospitals so they would not have to hand out free care to illegal aliens. The Clintons made student loans not dischargeable for banks. It just seems like the socialists can always ben bought. That is probably why the HATE Trump so much.

There is no question that healthcare costs can be reduced by 50% or more. They have risen far more than anyt5hing else in the economy. During the 1980s, we provided health care to employees and their entire family. The cost was perhaps $3,000 a year. It is nothing more than a giant money-laundering machine. My insurance doubled under Obamacare laws and my coverage declined. If we stop the corruption of buying politicians, we could actually be so much better off. This is one reason they are so intent upon getting rid of Trump. They do not like it when they dod not own the politicians. Trump says some things that are off-color, but at the same time, you at least know how he thinks. That is still better than someone who lies to your face and then stabs you in the back.