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Government Corruption is Unprecedented

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Love Country not Government

COMMENT: Hi Martin
Thanks largely to you, my family and I never took the covid vaccines. You are/were right that the Covid pandemic was a scam.
However, today, I read a post by you that reported that an 11% spontaneous abortion rate is something to be concerned about. The average miscarriage rate for woman younger than 35 is 15% and it gets worse, the older you get.


Von der Leyen Pfizer Scandal

REPLY: I think this T-Shirt sums it all up. We cannot survive under a Republic without term limits. Once someone becomes a politician, all is lost. Our politicians have been bribed and now there is a lawsuit filed against the head of the EU for she never put it to Parliament, bought billions of doses many times more than the population of Europe, with ZERO accountability.

These people have crossed to the other side and we become the enemy. I was in British Columbia about 20 years ago and I was totally shocked by a left-wing woman politician I do not remember her name. She actually said that EVERYTHING we earn belongs to the government. They decide how much we are allowed to retain.

WEF Schwab You Will Own Nothing

Klaus Schwab is an academic. Most are just Marxists and believe that they need to suppress human nature and we should own nothing, surrender all imagination and creativity, and just work like ants in their leftist vision of a farm.

Ant Farm

Schwab’s Dream – the Ant Farm

Whenever GOVERNMENT gets involves – stay away because they are above the law, untouchable, and unaccountable. As soon as all the governments got involved, the game was rigged.