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NYC Trump

QUESTION: This prosecutor in New York says she will start seizing Trump’s real estate in New York and will take his golf course tomorrow. What would you do?



ANSWER: I would let her seize the property and sell it. If he wins on appeal, she is liable for all the damages. But let me make it clear. At this point, anyone with any accounts in New York City had better get out of that God-Forsaken city of vile corruption. You better get the hell out of there BEFORE there is NO BID!!!! Trump should sell EVERYTHING in New York and close whatever you have there, and get out ASAP. You better not even have anything to do with that jurisdiction – PERIOD!!!

ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

The smart money is exiting already. That means that with the ECM turning down after May 7th, there will be NO BID for anything in New York. As the war unfolds, forget to sell assets in New York City. We are looking at a RECESSION into 2028, so you are running out of time. Besides, in a nuclear war, NYC will be high on the list of targets. All Russia has to do is detonate a nuke in the water, and that would send a tidal wave that would take out the entire city. Between this insane prosecutor and the NEOCONS, NYC is a huge risk.