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Gates’ Corruption of Vaccinating the Entire World

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Vaccinate World

From the beginning, Gates said we had to vaccinate the entire world to end COVID. But this is like the flu because it resides in various animals, and it will always mutate annually. Already, COVID antibodies exist in 40% of the wild deer population. Therefore, COVID will be just another coronavirus like the seasonal cold which CANNOT be cured. It seems as though Gates has sold this BS to become the richest man in human history. This is not a statement about greed. You cannot possibly spend $1 billion, or no fewer than tens of billions. This is about POWER to bribe and influence world leaders to further his agenda. If Gates can convince world leaders to shut down all movement, he could end small businesses to prevent us from driving cars around. He has also said we must end all beef consumption. The more money he has, the more power he will attract.



From the very beginning, Gates has said we must vaccinate the world to stop COVID. That is an outright lie. Already, 40% of the wild deer population has COVID. No coronavirus can be eliminated when it also exists in wildlife. It will constantly mutate like other animal viruses such as the bird flu, swine flu, and even AIDS came from monkey tissue. Israel is reporting that 50% of the people with COVID have already been vaccinated. This proves that Gates’ claim that vaccinating the entire world would eliminate COVID is simply FALSE! So why is anyone listening to him and the vaccines agenda? The flu kills the elderly especially, and COVID is no different. He is terrorizing the world for a vaccine that can NEVER be effective when far more serious diseases affect people who are never given this attention. Gates and his funded World Health Organization downplayed any possible natural immunity. The only solution just so happened to be Gates’ vaccine.

Gates has no medical background. He dropped out of college. So, perhaps he has been fooled and is not intentionally lying to further his own wealth and power. But being concerned about saving millions of lives when he also cries that we have too great of a population is just inconsistent. He even wants to terminate cattle to stop us from eating beef because they contribute to CO2. Even India Today has been addressing what seems to be a conspiracy theory because nobody wants to think that Gates is another Adolf Hitler in disguise, terminating invalid soldiers from World War I, gypsies, and jews while promoting the perfect race.

Interestingly, Gates has the rich countries buying millions of doses to be handed to poor countries. The great philanthropist is not paying for their vaccines. Then, according to reports, Moderna, one of the manufacturers of messenger RNA (mRNA) injections, has signed a contract with Canada to supply 20 million doses of its experimental jab annually for the years 2022, 2023, and 2024. This amounts to 60 million doses over the next several years, with the option to throw in an additional 15 million doses if needed. This contract suggests that they KNOW this is all BS and that stepping up for a vaccine today will NEVER eliminate COVID. There will be annual shots which then raises the question many have — are they safe?


Gates FDA r

He admits that there are side effects and says that the FDA “not being pressured” will do the job right. But he is also funding the FDA, which should be illegal. He is a major shareholder in these vaccine companies, and under SEC regulations, he should be in prison for 20 years. This is insider trading.



Gates even admits that perhaps 700,000 people may die from his vaccines. Moderna is charging taxpayers for a vaccine that does not work. Now, the company announced plans to charge between $32 and $37 per dose for a potential COVID-19 vaccine that was developed entirely with funds from the US federal government. The SEC went after Elon Musk for simply saying he would delist his company. They allow Gates to walk on water, and they will NEVER investigate the most obvious insider trading violation in history. I am sure the SEC will deny the claim, saying that they only allow him to walk on water because he does not know how to swim.