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Fauci our Modern-Day Mengele – He Must be Removed

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Fauci Mengele

Now the new Dr. Mengele of our time, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who does not actually practice medicine, has announced that the US is still planning for COVID-19 booster shots to continue. Everyone will be mandated to get one after 8 months. Biden said shots could be administered after 5 months. The entire story is that COVID will end once we vaccinate the world. But coronaviruses exist in animals, so it will NEVER be defeated — that is the TRUTH!

Dripping Great Reset

So, what is really going on is simple. They are gradually dripping out of their mouths the next objective little by little. First, a vaccine would restore the world to normal. Now, the vaccines will become a regular requirement even to move. They are slowly recreating the Berlin Wall to prevent movement in hopes of preventing an uprising.


These evil people are following the very same game plan as the Nazis all because they realize that they can no longer borrow endlessly to meet the promises of socialism. They know you NEVER reveal the entire plan, for people will revolt. Lead them down the path ever so gradually, and you will transform the nation into whatever you desire. They have studied this approach, and they KNOW what they are doing. We now have Fauci saying schools should MANDATE these vaccines, subjecting our children to who knows what. I cannot stress how vital it is to the future of our children to remove this fake doctor who has not practiced medicine and is just a bureaucrat. He has actually no real experience with patients — just theory. He went from sco=hool in 1968 directly to the government.