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Fauci “Made Up” COVID Mandates

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As the world watches the “land of the free” attempt to imprison a former president, they are also waking up to realization that the pandemic was planned and fabricated. The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic has been attempting to get answers on why the world was shut down for a virus from Dr. Anthony Fauci who is slowly admitting the truth – he “made up” COVID mandates and protocols.

Remember how they told us we must stay precisely six feet away from one another? They had the distancing marked on floors across the world. Humans were not to interact with other humans, all because “the science” said so. ‘You know, I don’t recall. It sort of just appeared,’ the former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) leader said in regards to this asinine rule as indicated in committee transcripts.

Fauci said he was unaware of ANY study that indicated social distancing could prevent the disease from spreading. COVID was a lie.

Social Distancing rotated

Businesses and schools shuttered because “the science” told us we could not interact. Studies did, however, find that social distancing led to “depression, generalized anxiety, acute stress, and intrusive thoughts.” The NIH even found that children’s literacy, socialization, and overall well-being was impacted in a “very negative” fashion due to school closures and utter fear propaganda pushed out by the 24/7 news cycle.

Was there any evidence for school closures or masking children? Fauci said he does not recall any specific studies saying that masking children would be effective. The World Health Organization suggested that children should oftentimes wear masks in their own homes.


Should my child wear a mask at home?

Your child’s health is a priority, and there may be times when wearing a mask at home is the safest thing to do.

If you have visitors, outdoor gatherings are safer than indoor gatherings. If visitors come into your home, it may be best for everyone to wear a mask if ventilation is poor or if physical distancing of at least 1 metre cannot be maintained.

Children who have symptoms of COVID-19 should wear a medical mask at home when they are in shared spaces, as long as they can tolerate it. Family members/caregivers who come within 1 metre of the sick child at home should also wear a medical mask.

One could only imagine the hysteria of the pandemic from a child’s eyes. There was never any evidence for closing schools. Countless studies have shown that school closures led to countless mental health and educational issues for an entire generation.

Child Vaccine

All the small businesses that were permanently shuttered during COVID were done so by the mandates required by “the science.” No one needed to socially distance from one another. It was a virus no different from the common flu. Thousands of people lost their livelihoods because we trusted the government and health organizations to protect us from an imaginary threat.

Lockdowns, in general, were a lie. The world was placed on house arrest at the whim of “the science” and suffered greatly. Our society has changed entirely due to the pandemic. The world economy has changed due to the pandemic. We can never go back or regain that time. We must look at what occurred to prevent it from happening again. The masses are waking up and realizing that COVID was a carefully orchestrated event. Trust in one’s government has evaporated – they took our health and years of our lives from us without just cause. They demonized anyone who spoke out against the agenda, often going as far as imprisonment and debanking. People have revolted throughout history for far lesser injustices.

The light is beginning to illuminate on the truth. It is all coming to a surface from election frauds to calculated wars. The computer is showing a great rise in civil unrest, and there will be a major turning point in September 2024 as indicated by our computer.