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Fauci Has Lied but Biden Will Not Remove Him

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Bill Gates has been funding Fauci, and Gates insists that the entire world must be vaccinated but refuses to give vaccines to poor countries. Instead, he wants the wealthy countries to pay him full price for the vaccines and hand them over to the poor nations. So much for caring about the health of the people.

WSJ 2009 Shrink Population Gates

I believe Gates is a psychopath who pretends to care but really wants to kill off society. It is inconsistent to claim to “care” about the world’s health but then hold secret meetings on depopulating the planet.


Gates works with Schwab, and this entire agenda is starting to be exposed.

Schwab Kerry scaledSchwab Biden


Schwab and this entire consortium have very deep tentacles into the White House. Previously, Biden swore he would never mandate vaccines. He lied!



Anyone who thinks they have ANY intention of returning to normal is simply a sheep.