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Exposing the Bovine Scatology

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Corruption 2

COMMENT: Marty, JB here.
I love you Man!!!
It took me a while to figure some stuff out. I guess I was busy working, raising my 4 kids, and not getting enough sleep.
When they told me Y2K was a huge danger (planes could fall out of the sky) it sounded and smelled like BS.
They completely lost me out here in California when the “High Speed Rail” was voted in (it got 79% yes voted, nothing gets 79%, 60/40-maybe). People think I’m crazy when I tell them the vote is rigged in Cali, but now we know for sure because of the emails.
Coronavirus, I’m fighting this the best way I know how, by drinking Corona beer. Right?!?! I mean, it’s gotta be about as good as anything!!! I don’t know why I love you more, is it your amazing calls on financial issues or just how you point out the “Bovine Scatology”?

Keep on rocking Baby!

You are the best!

french revolution

ANSWER: Thank you. Yes, we are neck-deep in the Bovine Scatology for sure just about everywhere we look. This is unfortunately how all republics die. They drown in their own corruption. This is also the number #1 cause that leads to revolution. Sometimes it can be bloodless as was the case with the collapse of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. But sometimes it becomes just a bloodbath. The loser is painted by history as the traitor and the victor as the glorious defender of whatever system is in place at that moment.