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Endless Corruption Everywhere you Turn

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2020 Cycle of War

COMMENT:  Good Morning Martin,
We are all thoroughly disgusted about everything you blog about.
Amazon’s policy on books is the beginning of the end (I hope) for Amazon. A breakup is obviously needed to make the company respectful to the people.
Please consider this. Your new book “The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus” should be distributed to your clients and subscribers. The hassle of mailing them all out yourself is a major problem. I know. I feel your frustration. Perhaps charge a big shipping fee to cover the cost of hiring one person to do the job. Or find a company to replace Amazon. I am sure there is a trustworthy company that can handle the job of sales processing and shipping.
OK. Have a great day…….Take care.

REPLY: I am coming to the conclusion that the endless delays by the publisher with no reasonable explanation other than the usual COVID nonsense, leave me to believe that because the book has on the cover Soros and Gates, it is somehow off in limbo with endless delays. The book was ready back in May. I will have it printed directly. This entire world is turning so Nazi-like with censorship, blocking books, and what will be the attempted theft of the election, I know the computer forecast this would be the most corrupt election in American History, but this is even far beyond what I ever expected was even possible.