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Dominion Voting Systems Linked to Soros

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Trudeau 7

We already knew the system was rigged – but how far does it go? This picture, albeit poor quality, has been circulating the internet and shows traitor Trudeau “testing” the Dominion Voting System.

Rebel News entered the building headquarters for Dominion Voting Systems. The investigative journalist found an odd link as a group linked directly to Soros also works in that building. They attempted to remove their office number from the building directory and even have a guard outside. The journalist is asking all the right questions. What happened to the data stored from prior elections? Is there a backdoor within the system that could be used to tamper with elections? “Accurate, reliable, and transparent,” ironically is their slogan.

The same agency handling our elections has handed mass amounts of money to politicians, on the left, including Hillary Clinton. Dominion Voting Systems has disrupted democracy, and our elections can no longer be trusted. Dead people have mysteriously cast votes, people do not need to show IDs to vote, and there is actual footage of “mules” voting countless times. While I am not one to encourage additional laws, permitting blatant voter fraud to occur is destroying democracy. If the masses knew the truth, we would be propelled further into the inevitable cycle that is leading us to the death of democracy.