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Did Zelensky’s Wife Purchase Limited Edition Bugatti?

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The nations toppling their budgets to provide blank checks to Ukraine should know where their money is being spent. We all know that a large portion of the money is circulated back into the military-industrial complex. Yet, the “greatest salesman in history” has certainly received his cut. Latest reports claim that First Lady Olena Zelenska purchased a $4.48 million Bugatti.

There have been reports of Olena Zelenska going on lavish shopping sprees in New York and other cities while her husband begs foreign nations for billions. Of course, one must maintain their image when they are on the cover of Vogue and other high-end fashion magazines. The latest debacle claims that Olena purchased a Bugatti Tourbillon, retailing €3.9 million, ahead of its official release date. Someone from Bugatti’s Paris dealership leaked the information to the press, including a receipt of purchase.

Now, why would someone need to drive a V16 1,800-horse-powered vehicle around an allegedly war-torn nation? The Ukrainian government says that this is simply fake news. I cannot confirm if this is factual or a rumor.


I can confirm that the aid sent to Ukraine has been misused repeatedly.

Even the Pentagon has admitted it cannot account for where billion of dollars toward Ukraine has gone. Last year around this time, the Pentagon admitted that they lost $6.2 BILLION in aid for Ukraine due to an accounting error. Where did the money go? Did the money go to contractors? Politicians? Ukraine? The government refuses to say. Deputy Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh explained that they originally thought $3 billion went missing, but the figure they are admitting to the public is closer to $6.2 billion. “We have confirmed that for FY23, the final calculation is $3.6 billion, and for FY22 it is $2.6 billion, for a combined total of $6.2 billion,” Singh said. “These valuation errors in no way limit or restricted the size of any of our PDAs or impacted the provision of support to Ukraine,” she added as if taxpayers think that we aren’t doing enough for a foreign nation when America is a desperate state. Ukraine has revealed similar sentiments about missing funds, leading Zelensky to simply fire scapegoats.

There have been claims that Zelensky purchased multi-million dollar homes in Miami. Other reports claim he has purchased a yacht or businesses like casinos. No one knows for sure. Yet, back in October 2021, Zelensky’s financial dealings surfaced in a series of documents that were leaked as part of the so-called “Pandora Papers,” which consisted of nearly 12 million files. That was a leak given to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). This massive trove of files that became public revealed the secret financial dealings of world leaders and celebrities — Zelenskyy was included. He has always been sketchy and problematic.

The Bugatti story may be fake news, but Zelensky is undoubtedly profiting on this war. World leaders spending endlessly on this war and making contributions to NATO owe it to their tax-paying constituents to account for every dollar sent overseas. Half the nation blindly cheers every aid package, disregarding how the money is spent. Those in Ukraine know Zelensky is a corrupt crook. They are tired of seeing their men sent off to die while Zelensky parades around the world.