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Destroying the Global Political Economy

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QUESTION: Well Marty, I am actually baffled at what is happening in the United States. First, the demonstrations, the recount, the campaign to derail the electoral college vote, the continuous blaming of Russia, the fake news furore et al… Is this the end of the United States as we know it? Are Obama, Clinton and co realise that they are actually destroying their country… Is this the type of democratic model successive administrations have been exporting in Afghanistan, Irak, Libya..and now Syria. This ongoing nonsense is so disgraceful and disrespectful to people who voted for Trump.

ANSWER: This is all about losing power. They even solicited the CIA to try to create a coup to overthrow the election. This is Marxism in the raw. Historically, the left is by far the most dangerous group. These are the people who would have no problem killing opponents because they see themselves as righteous in their madness.

The sad part is how many people voted for Hillary, showing their complete stupidity. How could they even dare to think Hillary was not corrupt and cared about them? All you had to do was follow the money. All the establishment backed Hillary. Why? Would she really reform the bankers? I cannot believe how stupid these people really were. They seem to be just indoctrinated to assume Democrats are for the middle class and Republicans are for the rich. Then why did all the rich cronies in Hollywood, hedge funds, and the bankers along with Soros, back Hillary and oppose Trump? It just shows they are not independent thinkers and/or really do not care.

Everything is coming unglued.