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Corruption to Keep the Game Going

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Bribe 2

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I know you are very familiar with Ukraine. A friend of mine believes he met you in Kiev back in 2013. You and Henry Kissinger are the lone voices who have told the truth and how the West cares nothing about the people in the Donbas. When you attack a people’s religion, language, and culture, there is never any hope for peace. Zelensky and the West are trying to destroy us the same as the Romans attacking Jerusalem.

Thank you for telling our plight.


REPLY: You bring up an interesting analogy. Ukraine is being used as a pawn in this entire scheme to create World War III to justify defaulting on all debt – i.e. Schwab’s You’ll Own Nothing & Be Happy. You certainly have brought up a very good scenario.

Judea Sheckel Half Shekle 1st Revolt R

The Great Jewish Revolt began during the reign of Nero (54-68AD) which was the first major rebellion of the Jewish people against the Roman occupation of Judea. It lasted from 66 – 70 AD and resulted in probably hundreds of thousands of lost lives and the ultimate destruction of their Temple. Most of our knowledge of the conflict comes from Roman-Jewish scholar Titus Flavius Josephus (37-100AD), who first fought in the revolt against the Romans, but was then kept by future Emperor Vespasian as a slave and interpreter. Josephus was later freed and granted Roman citizenship, writing several important histories on the Jews.

The fact is that the Romans had occupied Judea from 63 BC onward. While there were some tensions among the advocates of independence, the freedom of religion that had become the cornerstone of Rome was really its backbone. Yes, they conquered many lands. They allowed the people to retain their own religious beliefs and this the Christians would call paganism because there were many gods but none of them were viewed as a creator – more of superbeings who protected them.

Tiberius. AD 14 37 AR Denarius

Some complained about having to pay taxes to Rome. The story of the zealots trying to entrap Jesus into a conspiracy asking him where he stood on the question of taxation he resolved by asking whose portrait was on the coin. It was most likely Tiberius at the Time. He simply said give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s

Caligula AE Sesterius three sisters R

The tension began to rise when Emperor Caligula (37-41AD) demanded in 39AD that his own statue be placed in every temple of the Empire. Caligula was rather mad and many say he saw himself as a god. Indeed, Zelensky has outlawed your religion as part of the Moscow Russian Orthodox Church demanding you now obey his replacement of a Kyiv Patriarch. The Romans did the same insofar as they appointed the High Priest of the Jewish religion.

Nero Bosco Reale toning AV Aureus

Though the Zealots were always rebellious, Jewish tensions rose sharply when Nero plundered the Jewish Temple of its treasury in 66 AD. This followed the Great Fire of Rome and Nero was short of cash and he was the first to begin debasing the coinage. Like Henry VIII who also was broke raided the Catholic Church, Nero did the same to the Jews. He seized large amounts of silver from the Temple. The story of how the Jews also wanted their autonomy like the Donbas from Ukraine, in both cases there was a rise in nationalism with the aim of freeing the Holy Land from the earthly powers of the Romans, and in the case of the Donbas, the oppression of Ukrainians to the blind eye of the West.

Vespasian Judaea Vanquished AE Sesterius

In addition to the Romans, the Jewish peasantry was also angry with the corruption in the Jewish priesthood class as they were pawns of the Romans. It was the Jewish priests who turned Jesus over to the Romans. They were indeed very corrupt not unlike the corruption that had plagued the high priest in Rome who Julius Caesar was forced to overthrow. At the end, when Nero died leaving no heir, the Roman Empire fell into civil war. Vespasian (69-79AD) was forced to crush the Jews out of fear that if he did not, other provinces might rise up and demand freedom as well.

It is an interesting comparison as Kyiv has sought to oppress the Donbas and any student of history knows the hatred of Ukrainians v Russians. Why should the Donbas remain a second-class group of people oppressed by Ukrainians? The West only cares about destroying Russia and you are the pawn in the middle.



Fried Zelensky Fink YellenWhile the NY Times was still supporting Bankman-Fried, if the truth is ever really allowed to surface, you will find that FTX was I believe funneling kickbacks to the Democrats from the billions they handed Zelensky. Ukraine pleads for money and I have warned DO NOT SEND ANY FUNDS TO UKRAINE. If you want to help the people, donate to Red Cross – not the Ukrainian government. It is the most corrupt government at least in Europe if not the world. They keep putting out total BS to keep the money flowing. Why was Ukraine pouring money into FTX rather than taking care of its own people?

I was asked by a reporter from the NY Post did I think Republic National Bank was laundering money through my accounts with all the errors, AS THEY WERE DOING IN MADOFF! I told them I had no idea. The error would be backed out the next day and I did not see where it came from and if it went back to the same account or anyone. They do this ALL THE TIME! Madoff simply pled guilty and that prevents a trial so you will never know the truth. I believe he did so to protect his family. The banks claimed they had no idea! That was simply a lie. What about the regs – know your client? They do not apply when the banks are laundering money for someone in power.