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CNN Turns to Greta as a Virus Expert?

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CNN Greta Virus Expert

It is beyond comprehension that now a 16-year-old climate activist is suddenly also a health expert. CNN cares nothing about the country, the people it continues to advocate should lose their jobs or their futures. They want to push a political agenda that will only lead to civil war. The outright civil war cycle that will destroy the United States as we have known it is due in 2032. I personally wonder how we will even make it that far.


The Mayor of Chicago has come out and bluntly stated that you have to eliminate the executive branch of government and move to a dictatorship in a legal sense where decrees are simply mandated with no choice. This is the road to totalitarianism where people will not even have a right to vote. I have warned that the left always turns to violence. They are never satisfied living in a free society for they just cannot sleep at night worrying that someone else has something they do not. This is simply where their logic has ALWAYS led throughout history without exception. They say good cannot exist without evil, for you would never be able to define “good” without some comparison. This is the curse of humanity.


2020 Cycle of War

We will be publishing another book — “The Cycle of War & the Coronavirus.” We will make an announcement once it is available.