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CDC to Study Ivermectin Treatment

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The CDC will finally begin testing ivermectin as a treatment for the coronavirus (fast forward to around the 17:00 mark). Doctors and health professionals have been urging officials to approve of ivermectin as it has proven to be effective in diminishing symptoms.

The ongoing joke was that conspiracy theorists were taking horse paste (ivermectin) rather than the expensive options offered by doctors. In August 2021, the Food and Drug Administration tweeted, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” Fauci urged the public not to take the drug to treat coronavirus, despite other countries using it effectively. “It’s tragic, because you don’t want to see anybody, regardless of what their position is or their ideology, you don’t want to see anybody get sick and die, particularly as a physician and scientist,” Fauci managed to say.

It was never about health. The drug companies will find a way to take an affordable medication and turn it into a lucrative business venture. It is obvious why it took over two years for the health community to take ivermectin seriously.

Nevertheless, the CDC in league with Postal Service has been confiscating shipments of ivermectin coming in from India. Insurance companies have been covering the cost of these drugs despite Fauci supporting Gates and his vaccines as the only solution. Meanwhile, people are having to go to court to force some ruthless hospitals that will let people die before giving them ivermectin. So much for the medical oath. Politics comes first.

Ask any doctor or hospital BEFORE if they will prescribe ivermectin if needed. The answer is no, change doctors immediately for politics dominates their medical decisions. Once someone is on a Ventilator, the chances of survival diminish rapidly for some. My first son died on one.