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Canada’s Governor General Spends Six-Figures on Dry Cleaning

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The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General has managed to spend C$117,566 on dry cleaning services over the past five years. Rideau Hall spends around $1,800 monthly on dry cleaning and expenses it all so Canadian taxpayers foot the bill. There is an in-house staff on the payroll that takes care of chores such as laundry. How selfish as Ukraine could have used that money to put Zelensky back on the cover of Vogue.

“When I spill half the Pizza Hut lunch buffet on my white work shirt, I don’t stick the company I work for with the dry-cleaning bill and neither should the governor general,” said Franco Terrazzano, CTF Federal Director. “This is another perk the governor general enjoys that struggling Canadians can’t afford.” Obviously, this money is going into his pockets. These politicians are known for living a luxurious lifestyle as public servants.

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Canada’s elite certainly don’t look like fashionistas, yet this is common. Governors General Julie Payette and Mary Simon spent over C$88,000 on clothing using tax dollars. They earn around C$351,600 annually but somehow the people are responsible for their personal items. Payette used federal funds to purchase a C$3,000 black velvet dress lined with silk. She purchased several suits for over C$2,000 a piece, a special order vest for C$1,800, and new boots for over C$1,000. The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General (OSGG) is provided with a large budget of C$130,000 to spend on clothing every five years.

Why on Earth should Canadians be paying to dress politicians? Don’t get me started on the C$55,000 Trudeau expensed for groceries in 2022 when Canadians were facing record-high food prices. They already have a hefty salary and perks galore. These politicians feel entitled to spend your money on their personal shopping sprees. The average person will never have such an extensive closet, but the average person is paying for their elected officials to live lavishly. Rules for thee but not for me.