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Billions Unaccounted for at 25 US Government Agencies

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The Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed that numerous government agencies had “discrepancies” in their 2022 budgets. Twenty-five agencies in total failed to properly report their expenditures to USAspending, which is intended to act as American’s guide to where their tax dollars are going. The GAO is now urging Congress to hold these agencies accountable.

To the surprise of no one, COVID related spending reports contained the largest errors. In fact, the Treasury stated $231.5 billion was budgeted for the pandemic in their annual report, but only $36 billion was reported to USAspending. Health and Human Services (HHS) stated they were spending $85.7 billion on the pandemic response, but reported spending $91.7 billion to USAspending. Homeland Security (DHS) had a $10 million discrepancy in reporting as well. Numerous entries totaling $1.2 trillion did not contain sources and did not state where the money was spent.

Government’s spending problem is far worse than anyone could imagine. Considering that no one wants to purchase US debt, the problem is becoming a crisis. The fact of the matter is that the people are not supported by their representatives who allow government agencies to rob citizens. This account only notes the agencies required to report their spending as almost a third (49 of 152) did not bother reporting at all. The checks and balances on government are simply gone but this will completely backfire as their reckless spending will soon catch up with them.