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Assange Tried to Warn the US About the Files That were Leaked

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What this demonstrates is that the Deep State just does not like Julian Assange and is prosecuting him for something they know he did not do. Welcome to American Justice! Nothing is ever what it seems.



Even when the story first broke about the Bank of New York & the $7 billion money-laundering wire, CNN reported that the money was stolen from the IMF. That was later never mentioned again because it was the bankers blackmailing Yeltsin and this is why Hillary blamed the Russians because it was the Clintons who allowed the bankers to attempt that intervention into the Russian election of 2000. All the tapes I had on the market manipulations by the bankers and the interference in the Russian elections of 2000 which brought Putin to Power were ceased by the government and claimed to have been destroyed in the World Trade Center 911 attack. My subpoenas of recorded phone lines in the bank that I knew covered the entire plot were prevented by the government seeking a protective order to prevent me from gaining access. It was all covered up.

CNN Theft of IMF Money – Sep. 1, 1999

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