Are Gates & Soros All-Powerful?

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QUESTION: Since Soros Gates and their friends are so powerful and since they control a lot of things, do you think they could manipulate the world stock markets too?


London Financial Times – June 27, 1998

ANSWER: No. Keep in mind that Socrates has been forecasting the trend without knowing who are the players for decades. Gates & Soros have simply appeared on schedule, but they have not reversed the course of the trend which was in motion. They have increased the volatility but not altered the trend. I have explained that many times. Socrates has been able to forecast wars and the collapse of governments not knowing the players. It does not use fundamental analysis. It simply tracks the capital flows. It picks up that people moving their money if they obviously anticipate starting a war.

This has been the very same outcome with this manufactured COVID-19 Crisis. I have direct information that some players began to sell all government bonds and shares at the peak just before the virus was whipped up into a major issue. They knew what was coming for they manufactured and orchestrated this event and continue to do so. They apparently used our Economic Confidence Model turning point of January 18, 2020, for their timing. They were able to at best increase the magnitude of the decline (volatility), but they did not “manipulate” in the sense of taking a bull market and transforming it into a cycle inversion bear market. At the WEC in Orlando in 2019, we laid out that there would be a crash in January and that it should have been at least 20%. That was done much before any word of a virus. Yet our model was picking up movements in capital flows as early as August 2019.

Everything they have done is in accordance with Socrates’ forecast as we head into 2032 with respect to the trend. They will fail to create this New Green World Order. However, they have turned politics into a toxic arena from which they are dividing nations and even families. So they are not all-powerful. They will lose this battle. In the process, they are fueling civil unrest and have provided the very background to unleash World War III. I have warned many times that war comes ONLY when people lose things. As long as the economy is good and everyone is fat & happy, war NEVER comes. They have destroyed the world economy to create this Great Reset promoted by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, They think they can wipe out the economy and then rebuild it peacefully into this new green world. They are absolute fools. They will create World War III as now people are suffering worldwide.