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400,000 Chinese Lose Their Life Savings Instantly

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Officers in plain clothes disrupted a peaceful protest outside the capital of Henan, as seen in the video above. Depositors were protesting to demand that their savings be returned as thousands have been unable to access their money for over a month. Banks in Henan first froze client assets, and then the Chinese government changed the victims’ COVID QR passes to red to deny them the freedom of movement. The most recent protest was among the largest seen in China since the pandemic began.

Over $6 billion (39 billion yuan) is missing. A reported 400,000 people have been affected. Imagine going to the bank only to realize that your entire life’s savings were gone instantly? You worked hard, saved, and did everything right for years or decades, only to have it all abruptly taken away. Even the most ruthless government is in trouble when the people have nothing left to lose. Imagine if the Chinese were permitted to own guns? There would be uncontrolled civil unrest.

So where is the money? Chances are that the banks do not have the liquidity to pay out all of the depositors. Instead of cracking down on the banks, the government is coming after innocent people. Officers in plain clothes attacked protestors, including the elderly and women, and civilians were left wondering why their own people would attack them when they were clearly the victims. Governments are completely ruthless and DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE.