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Who Really is the Deep State?

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QUESTION:  What is your understanding of the term “Deep State”? Do you think there’s a deep state as it is referred to in the media today? I have come to understand a deep state as meaning the permanent global institutions that are on their directed agenda irrespective of its citizens or their political leaders agendas. The analogy I’ve arrived at is the *deep state* is the global operating system and the political class is merely the *apps*. Deep State could include military, banking, Big Pharma, Central Banks, intelligent agencies – institutions that could care less who the presidents are just as long as they do not interrupt the interests of these operating institutions.

Thanks in advance for your views.



ANSWER: The deep state is the bureaucracy. It is not a global organization. Comey was protecting Hillary and the FBI was against Trump, which are both examples of the deep state. I have said before, up until 1999, I was actually asked to meet with people who wanted to run for president. They were told I was there to brief them on the real world economy but I was to also assess their mental capacity to handle the complexity. Then I was asked to go meet with George Bush Jr. and was told, “This is different, he is really stupid!” I was totally shocked. Everything up to that point in time was all about whether I thought they could handle a crisis. When I asked why they’d make someone stupid president, I was told he had the “name” and it suddenly shifted to just winning.

The deep state rose from 1999 onward. The bureaucracy could now be in charge with a president who is clueless. Obama followed Bush and he missed more than 50% of his daily security briefings. The bureaucracy gained substantial power under Bush and Obama. This is why they are so intent upon getting rid of Trump. They want their power back.