Using Offshore & Private Contractors To Commit Illegal Acts

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QUESTION: Marty; Do you have an opinion of Millie Weaver’s Shadow Gate? Infowars has an exaggerated position in many areas. Would you care to comment on this position?


ANSWER: I think all you have to do is watch the movie on Snowden and you will come to realize that clandestine schemes always run on the side by private contractors to give deniability to the main government agencies. This is pretty standard and has been going on for quite some time. However, remember the torture the US military engaged in overseas at Abu Ghraib?

In the summer of 2004, the United States Supreme Court ruled on the habeas corpus submission Rasul v. Bush, determining that the court had jurisdiction over Guantanamo and that detainees had a right to an impartial tribunal to challenge their detention under habeas corpus. It was a landmark decision in detainee rights. The petitioners claimed that the US government’s decision to detain the prisoners indefinitely without charge and without judicial review was a violation of the Fifth Amendment’s due process clause. The government contended that the courts had no jurisdiction to hear the habeas claims since the men were not US citizens and were held outside of sovereign US territory.

The US government was torturing people routinely, claiming as long as what they did was outside the United States, they were operating outside any constraint by law. When they lost that argument, they turned to private contractors to do illegal acts. As long as they are not the government, they take the position that the government is not responsible even if it tells them to violate every human right possible.

This is the game. It is also well known in Washington. It was the bankers who blackmailed Yeltsin in a failed attempt to take over Russia back in 2000 with the blessing of the US government under the Clinton Administration (see: “The Forecaster”).