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The Untold Backdrop to Jeffrey Epstein

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One Nation under Blackmail whitney webbEpstein was clearly involved in one of the biggest honey traps probably in history. They have been using girls/women to blackmail powerful people for decades. They tried that even with John F. Kennedy and they successfully got control of Edgar Hoover. You can read Whitney Webb’s One Nation Under Blackmail. This has been going on for a very long time. Goldman Sachs was in a lawsuit for allegedly using prostitutes, fancy meals, and hotels to swindle the Libyan government in a $1.2 billion lawsuit.

The legal shenanigans in NYC are also off the wall. Lawyers routinely hire girls to sleep with the opposing counsel to get info. Now, you might think this is limited to the private sector. NOPE! Inside sources confirmed to me that the Southern District of New York pays for “paralegals” whose main role is to sleep with the prosecutors. In turn, prosecutors have girls sleep with the defense counsel on legal spy missions. I was told directly by a lawyer who was on a major terrorist case.

Using seductive young women is a standard operational procedure in many fields. Israel’s fearsome Secret Service best agents are hot women rather than the James Bond type. This is the standard new breed of super-spy.


I will not mention the name of the country, but I was asked to open an office there and stock it with women so a certain royal head of state could visit the office and pretend it was for economic advice. I declined, even though I would have received more than $10 billion to manage the office.

Anna Chapman was a Russian Spy caught in New York City. She was swapped for American spies in 2010 and made headlines in New York. She was stunningly beautiful as well as stunningly successful. Well if you are going to betray secrets, this is far better than the rubber hose treatment.

Anna showed up in Ukraine to train with the soldiers leading the rebellion. She has become known as Vladimir Putin’s weapon of mass distraction.

When I first was released, I began getting emails to my private account that were coming from Canada. At first, I thought it must have been someone I knew. I was playing along trying to remember who she was. Being a programmer, I decided the trace the origin of the emails for I had a gut feeling that something was not right. They were coming from Russia via Canada.  I was getting photos swearing she loved me and I was clueless as to who she was.

At first, I thought it was a scam. I asked if she needed money. She said no. Then I thought she was just trying to get into the USA. I asked if she needed a letter of invitation to get a visa. She said no – she had one. My assistant Danielle at the time said this girl is really coming. I then said if she had any trouble, to call the head of the Minister of Interior who I knew at the time. That was the last I heard from her.


Remember Elliot Spitzer, Governor of NY. He removed Hank Greenberg from AIG who rejected creating insurance on the mortgage pools at the request of Goldman Sachs. Removing Greenberg made the whole Mortgage-Backed CDO Lending possible and the collapse of the 2007-2009 crisis. Spitzer was fed info I believe to remove Greenberg by Goldman Sachs. It was Goldman who then sold the idea to AIG when Greenberg was removed. 

Spitzer was just a pawn. He thought he was really cleaning up Wall Street. Then when Spitzer turned on Wall Street, guess what? The Patriot Act ordering banks to report anything suspicious turned up checks Spitzer wrote to a hooker. So the Terrorist laws were then used to get rid of Spitzer to save Wall Street Investment Bankers.

Oh, remember the former head of the IMF who also stood in the way of the whole crisis? Dominique Strauss-Kahn became a target when he was the IMF chief and began to comment critically on the role of the world financial system. I was personally invited to Washington where Edmond Safra of Republic National Bank paid for the IMF dinner that rented the entire National Gallery. I was invited to demonstrate to me how the NY Investment bankers had the IMF in their pocket. Strauss-Kahn was conveniently sent a maid to create a sex scandal to shut him up when he saw the corruption in the IMF. They removed him under false accusations and cleared the way for the IMF to become a tool. That is how the whole Long-Term Capital Management crisis developed because they bribed the IMF to keep the loans going to Russia so they could buy their bonds by paying outrageous amounts of money. 

Sex in Bed

British_Airways_ConcordeSex has always been a tool for getting into someone’s corner or organization. After reading Whitney Webb’s books, I was flying back from London with my assistant after finishing a conference there. I stood by the curb in New York waiting for the limo to pick us up. There was a provocative black girl standing there who began to chat me up for I had just landed flying the Concord, which I do miss. I was being polite but I assumed she may have been looking to pick someone up from the plane as you often find traveling around.

When my assistant returned from the bathroom and the limo arrived, we got in and she said to me – “Boy, I can leave you alone for 5 minutes you are talking to a supermodel” I was befuddled. I said I thought she was one of the typical girls looking to pick up a traveler. She said that’s Naomi Campbell. That still did not mean anything to me. She was on the flight. I hadn’t noticed. I said sorry, I do not read fashion magazines. After reading Whitney Webb mentioning her, I began to wonder if there was more to that casual conversation that I was oblivious to.