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The Decline & Fall of the West

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97 Scientists 2

COMMENT: Good morning Mr. Armstrong,

We need more pics like Winnipeg Costco out in the news: They might wake up the sleeping herd!

I’m writing from Toronto where we are in a lockdown since 12:01 today for the next 28 days… and probably more!
Our Premier, Doug Ford, clearly mention in his Friday announcement that Big Box retailers would remain open.
The Winnipeg pictures are “refreshing” since it levels the field for the small retailers who only have 2 options: curb side pickup or shutdown.
Having Costco, Walmart, Loblaws (largest Canadian food chain), and a few more abiding to the lockdown “orders” might help people realizing how all this insanity is bad for us reducing at lightspeed our chances to live free and hopes for a bright future.
I hope Toronto will do like Winnipeg…

This morning on radio our mayor was encouraging retailers to take advantage of the rescue money (fix costs and taxes) provided by the Ontario government (who’s badly broke), who gets his own rescue funds from the Trudeau’s government (who’s already deep in s**t). He also told people who lose their job because of the lockdown to apply to the relief program money. As long as there will be “free” money, nothing will happen in the Great White North.
It is our version of guaranteed minimum wages backed up by endless deficit at all levels of government.

I think the business community, at least what will remain of it after this second lockdown, needs to stand up and ignite the fight.
If it doesn’t start with the entrepreneurs, it will be too late when the people will finally wake up.

We, Canadians, are too polite, too nice, and are generally respectful of authorities. That’s who we are!
May be the time has come to become more vocal about our love for our society the way it was before the government disrupted it with its mismanagement of COVID-19. What’s broken and need to be fixed? Is there really a need to “rebuild  better”?



ANSWER: There is no need to destroy the world economy and rebuild it better. Gates admits there is dissent, but will never address it. His real agenda is to reduce the population. This is the merger of Gates with Soros’ one-world government being the United Nations, and Klaus Schwab who is a very clever Marxist and is against capitalism while he has amassed a fortune himself.

Their claims that 97% of scientists agree with them is an outright lie. Al Gore simply has this in his mind and you cannot change it. He makes up statistics and pretends they are facts. In his film, An Inconvenient Truth, he was trying to get into schools to manipulate the youth. A Briti9sh court ruled against Gore that his film had 9 factual errors – just propaganda.

None of these people understand how to create an economy. They only look at the surface. Humans could never create a rainforest for there is such complexity that evolution itself has played a role in improving some species and eliminating others.


They will NEVER address criticism and just label anyone who disagrees as a conspiracy nut job. They have been predicting all the ice would be long gone many times. The water was supposed to be up to the 15th floor in New York long ago. There is no talking to these people. They will destroy Western Civilization to create a world that can never exist. While they are destroying European and North American economies, this will be the perfect time to wage war and take down the West and these crazy ideas. That is how Rome fell. Once its economy began to collapse, the barbarians got through the gates.


1936 Glacier gone Glacier gone by 1948 2007 Artic Ice Gone


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