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Netanyahu of Israel Suggests Microchipping Kids & Mandatory Vaccines Begin

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I just do not know if we are living in the middle of a B-SciFi Movie with a plot that is just absurd. Netanyahu suggested the Health Ministry should use new technology to help Israel adjust to its new routine as the state is lifting the coronavirus lockdown by micro-chipping all children. “That is, technology that has not been used before and is allowed under the legislation we shall enact.”

German jews children in yellow stars

One would think that after what the Jews went through in Germany and having to wear stars so everyone knew they were Jewish, you would assume someone would say – hey! Wait a minute! We seem to be repeating the events of the rise of Nazi Germany from burning books to suppress dissent to demanding we are all micro-chipped.

People ask me does history really repeat with a cyclical beat?

On 10 May 1933, the students burned upwards of 25,000 volumes of “un-German” books in the square at the State Opera, Berlin, thereby presaging an era of uncompromising state censorship. Jewish badges  were introduced in 1939.

I hate to tell you, but we are exactly at 86 years from the book burning. Does that mean we get the mico-chipping in 2025?

Meanwhile, Denmark’s parliament unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police. Clearly, the Gates agenda is spreading to pass compulsory laws for his vaccines or you will remain in home prison for the rest of your life denied the right to earn income?

A reader writes from Poland about the efforts that have been going on there to force vaccines as well:

Hi Martin. Thank you for your ceaseless efforts to bring the truth to us via you blog – you really are the voice in the wilderness. I wanted to check that you are aware that on 6th June there is an Anti-Vaccination protest arranged in the Polish Capital, Warsaw. This follows attempts to take the Health Minister to court, and Microsoft announcement to build a Data Center here in Poland. This all reminds me of a Robert Kennedy speech – “There is a Chinese curse which says ‘May he live in interesting times.’ ” Your blog is my first item to be checked each day. Thank you so much for your invaluable work.

Gates has no compassion for society. He has poured everything into this and is not giving people a choice. He is working to make this a a dictatorship type decree on a global basis. This is why they are so intent upon removing Trump for they will then achieve their goals. Similar rules are being imposed in California on a state-wide basis.

None of these politicians are bothering to look at the data which proves this virus has been tiny in comparison to the flu. Why are politicians continuing with these scare tactics and refuse to look at this virus as no big deal? Just follow the money!