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Lockdowns Intentionally Reducing Population & Crushing Economy

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Dr. David Nabarro has been vocal about the dangers of lockdowns as people have been dying of heart attacks, cancer, and other issues because they have been denied healthcare all because of COVID. On the other hand, he has been clearly under pressure to rephrase his warnings.



Nabarro has qualified his statements insisting he does not advocate the opposite. He did not recant what he said but qualified that he is not advocating the abandonment of all measures.



It was Bill Gates calling for a national lockdown in the United States, which would have devasted the entire economy and seems to be his goal. His investments were all directed at “GREEN,” which even included the end of meat production because they claim cattle is the #2 cause of CO2 and global warming.


Gates Waving Hands


Look at Bill Gates and how he is always erratically waving his hands. This clip is taken from Psychology Today. When someone is constantly waving their hands erratically in this manner, it is typically a sign of dishonesty in business and in law.

WSJ 2009 Shrink Population Gates

2009 Super Rich ABC 2

Gates has been an advocate of reducing the world population. He has been obsessed with this idea which was instilled in him by his father. It is interesting how it is the inequality of wealth that Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum insistence must come to an end, but not for him and his buddies.

Schwab You will Own Nothing

Schwab insisted he is working with Gates, yet this is hypocritical of his argument that we must give up our wealth and own nothing– but they need their wealth to keep the sheep in pens.


I find it terribly offensive that BigTech, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, and others are all pushing this Great Reset, which is looking more and more like a deliberate effort to reduce the population and ushering in Communism 3.0. This is a blend of feudalism where the super-rich become our overlords and the 1% and small businesses are to be the modern-day eradicated bourgeoisie. It is no longer the 1% — it is the 0.005% we should worry about!