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It’s Always a Conspiracy

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London Evening Standard Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: So, behind the curtain I was told you’re actually in league with Klaus, Mr. Armstrong 😀
I know, how I dare to even ask but Marty, what’s going on? You and Schwab try knocking out old friends from NYC with their own green weapons right along their favorite one world government daydream or what?

Thank you for everything you do, guys like you give me hope, I loved finance all my life but was not fortunate to have happy parents nor childhood whatsoever. you’re writings changed so much for me, I was stranded on the streets as I began reading your writings. “As they say, a girl becomes a woman at 23 but a boy does not become a man until 40. Women married boys but expected them to be men. I probably survived my first marriage just because of this thank you so very much. I would love to know all that little stories from those years you experienced in finance, you have to write a book about your life or have someone that will do it for you, its so important, it can’t be hard to find such a guy, even I would do it right along for free

REPLY: Well, I have heard just about everything. The night of “The Forecaster” debut in London, the London Evening Standard put out in their print edition that read Martin Armstrong said bankers were worth every penny. But the online edition had a different Martin Armstrong’s picture. They pretended that was somehow just an error? It is amazing to what extent people will make up conspiracy theories about me to desperately try to ensure people will not read this site.

White House Dinner 1996

Yes, it is no secret I know so many of the players. I have been invited to the highest level dinners, and have been at the White House Correspondent Dinner. Yes, they know me and yes I know them. I have had people desperately trying to get me on their side. I have had people try to hypnotize me in conversations where they gradually lower their voice to put you under.

Hect Model Schiavoni

I have been held in contempt in a failed attempt to force me to turn over my source code. They have tried to kill me, threaten me — you name it. But this one is interesting. If anything, people know I am by no means a Socialist. I would never in a million years team up with Schwab. Nor is he against his green buddies in New York. They have been exploiting him and his academic friends with no intention of surrendering their power. They are playing a high stakes game for control. They have been using Schwab and his World Economic Forum to further their own power.