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Is Goldman Sachs the new Rothschilds?

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Many in Germany are up-in-arms over the appointed by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Jörg Kukies who will become deputy finance minister in her new coalition government. Kukies will take over the responsibilities for financial markets and European policies at the Finance Ministry. Virtually every position in the key financial markets in Europe and American are all coming from Goldman Sachs. There is something seriously wrong. Such people do not leave the highest paying jobs to work for peanuts.

There has NEVER been any investigation of former Goldman Sachs people who take strategic government positions and alter policy only to leave. Robert Rubin ushered through the repeal of Glass Steagall and the resigned. Hank Paulson saved AIG whose default would have taken down Goldman while he eliminated two top Goldman competitors over who there was the authority to bailout – Lehman and Bear. There was no authority to bailout an insurance company operating in London no less to skirt US regulation. Even the seizure of our company, Princeton Economics, was run by a court-appointed receiver who was a full-time board member of Goldman Sachs – Alan Cohen.

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It would be very nice if someone simply conducted an investigation to see what perks these people collect after they leave government service. But why should anyone do that? Everyone in Washington and the Department of Just Us dream of getting a job at Goldman. Yet the burning question is simple. Is Goldman or its people going just too far? Their “former” people seem to be controlling the world financial system. Why is that so many people come from the same firm? Nobody will investigate because Goldman is simply one of the too big to jail and otherwise known as the Untouchable.

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before the conspiracy theories finally give up on bashing the Rothschilds and open their eyes to who really has the power to be a mover and shaker. When Goldman broke ground for its new building, just look at the politicians kissing ass from Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataky to Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton all right there with Hank Paulson. And people asked why Goldman donated to Hillary and not Trump when she pretended to be for the people and against bankers?