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Hypocrisy & Conspiracy – Manufacturing a Crisis for Political Agendas?

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Conspiracy Plot

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, always appreciate your insight and perspective, especially during this crisis. Please help me and your audience understand why the elite, left and Progressives believe it is necessary to weigh the economic cost of saving a life (Obama Care death panels/Bill Gates) but dismiss this logic during this crisis? I now hear all life is precious and if the closure of the economy is required to save even one life, it must be done Hypocrisy! This holds for their refusal to allow the use of long used antivirals…their message, let them die. Their hypocrisy must be exposed,

Thank you, Joe

ANSWER: There is no logic to this. The UK has downgraded this virus and there is NO EVIDENCE that it warrants shutting down the entire economy. There is a political agenda here that seems to go beyond just trying to overthrow Trump and Merkel. This is also about rushing in ID2020 to infuse us all with chips, thanks to Bill Gates.