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Gates & Fauci Conspiracy

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Gates Fauci8

The conspiracy between Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci is in the open. We now have Fauci saying the same thing as gates – the country will NEVER return to normal until everyone is vaccinated against this pretend virus. Fauci has suggested that until a vaccine is developed, we will NEVER be allowed to do anything in public.

This is the overthrow of the United States. It is a conspiracy blended with the Climate Change agenda from day one.

President Trump must appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate all the connections. I have DIRECT knowledge of calls made to elite people who were told to sell everything because of this “virus” and Bill Gates resigned from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hatheway just before Warren Buffet lost up to $80 billion on March 23rd.

This is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY and everyone should be writing to the White House now! They have weakened the US economy and thrown the world into a serious state where war now becomes the traditional response. I have always stated, my research has shown that war NEVER takes place when everyone is fat & happy. Turn the economy down, and war becomes inevitable.