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Gates & Epstein

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Gates Health Monopoly

The egotistical Bill Gates apparently wanted the Nobel Peace Prize like Al Gore for his climate change efforts, or perhaps for his zero CO2 and reducing the population arguments. Gates apparently would send employees to the Nobel ceremonies just in case he was to be awarded some honor. It turns out that Gates believed that Jeffrey Epstein had the connections to get him the prize. Interestingly enough, Epstein may have helped Al Gore get his Nobel Prize. Even one of Epstein’s sex slaves said she met Al Gore through Ghislaine Maxwell.

Gates Obama Medal

Epstein cultivated elites clearly for power. Epstein even had Nobel Prize winners Frank Wilczek, Gerald Edelman, and Murray Gell-Mann in his list of elites. Despite reports of abuse of underage girls, Gates and others were always happy to accept funding from Epstein and/or meet with him for favors. Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates met with the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Claims that Obama gave the Medal of Freedom to Epstein are not true. Obama did give Gates the Medal of Freedom.

Once again, I believe that Epstein used the underage girls as a honey trap to buy influence through blackmail. I believe that Gates was attracted to that power, and the more this divorce unfolds, the greater the details may yet emerge.