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FBI Reveals Seth Rich Computer Showed He May Have been The DNC Leaker

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Seth Rich

The entire story about the murder of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who the “conspiracy theories” claimed that he was the one leaking DNC documents to Wikileaks. The mainstream media called that a conspiracy theory for the actual source was the hacking by the Russians.

Seth was just gunned down and the police instead claimed he had been the victim of an attempted robbery that just went wrong. His parents were out to sue anyone who dared to claim their son was the leaker of those documents.

Of course, the passing of time always brings out the truth. The entire investigation into RussiaGate has shown that it was created by Hillary and promoted as the real story, which we now know was all fiction and in itself its own conspiracy theory that the mainstream press preferred to spread. Of course, if the mainstream press spread the story, then conspiracy theory is magically transformed into fact.

Newsweek Madam President Hillary Clinton R

Seth Rich’s computer, in the possession of the FBI, showed the DNC staffer had relayed DNC documents to WikiLeaks – not the Russians. There never was any Russian interference by hacking the DNC computers for the 2016 election, yet 70% of Democrats believed the Russia Hoax. Of course, that leak, Hillary maintained, cost her the election.

Here we have the never-ending conspiracy theories of all the people who crossed Hillary were somehow dead. Seth Rich would neatly fit into that list. I for one as a parent, would not slander my son’s name, but perhaps look deeper and if he was the leaker, then the motive to have him killed would not be a fake robbery.

Foster Vince

Vincent Walker Foster Jr. (1945–1993) was an American attorney who served as the Deputy White House Counsel and was under subpoena to testify. The popular fake story was that he was depressed and went to a park to commit suicide. I was told by sources in Congress that he was not killed in the park for (1) there was a piece of his head that was missing, and (2) they brought his car over 30 minutes later when they realized his car was back at the White House.

Instead of Seth’s parents trying to prevent anyone from suggesting their son was the leaker, perhaps they should consider that he was perhaps a patriot and try to expose what made him do that on behalf of his country. Wikipedia is a propaganda machine for the government. Even in college, Wikipedia is not a valid source for reference. The government directs what it is to say on anything that impacts their political agendas.