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Epstein Tried to Blackmail Gates – JPMorgan v Murdoch News Corp?

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News outlets are reporting that Jeffrey Epstein allegedly attempted to blackmail Bill Gates after discovering he was having an affair with Mila Antonova, a Russian bridge player. Epstein wanted Gates to join him in creating a multi-billion dollar “charitable” fund with JPMorgan Chase. Epstein attempted to use Gates’ affair with Mila as leverage but failed. It is peculiar that they are now releasing this story to the mainstream media.

Boris Nikolic, a close adviser to Gates, introduced Mila Antonova to Epstein. Epstein went on to pay for her to attend coding school and even provided her with housing. “I just thought he was a successful businessman and wanted to help. I am disgusted with Epstein and what he did,” Mila told reporters. There is a good chance this young woman did not know she was being used as a pawn.

Gates did not want to join forces with JPMorgan Chase and Epstein, but they were adamantly requesting a $100 million contribution from him. “In essence, this [fund] will allow Bill to have access to higher quality people, investment, allocation, governance without upsetting either his marriage or the sensitvities [sic] of the current foundation employees,” Epstein penned in an email to executives from JPMorgan on August 16, 2011.  The following day, Epstein emailed the executives to say: “Bill is terribly frustrated. He woud! [sic] like to boost some of the things that are working without taking away from thoses  [sic] that are not.” The banking executives and Epstein agreed they could not create the fund without Gates.

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The fund flopped after years of attempting to lure Gates into the scheme. But Epstein refused to let it go. In 2017, Epstein reached out to Gates and asked him for reimbursement for putting Mila through school. Tuition costs mean nothing to these men; he wanted to remind Gates that he could blackmail him. It appears Epstein took this grudge to the grave. Days before his alleged suicide in 2019, Epstein appointed Nikolic as his backup executor. “He couldn’t have listed Bill because that would have been too obvious, so he chose me,” Nikolic told the WSJ. “I have come to believe it was likely a retaliatory move against Bill Gates.”

Why are they releasing this information in 2023? Gates already lost his wife for a 20-year affair he had with an employee. While the article does look bad for Gates, it is even more incriminating for JPMorgan Chase. Let’s follow the money. First, JPMorgan Chase and CEO Dimon is under investigation for its dealings with Epstein. The Wall Street Journal who broke the story is owned by News Corp, which is owned by the Murdoch family. The Murdoch family owns 42% of FOX, and has attempted over the years to combine News Corp with FOX. Rupert Murdoch personally defended JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon in the past when his bank was amid scandals. Murdoch called Dimon “One of the smartest, toughest guys around.”

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So, what happened? It is no secret that FOX is one of the only conservative news outlets available, and Dimon is a self-described Democrat who is also a member of the World Economic Forum. FOX consistently criticizes the ideals Dimon and JPMorgan support. I do believe these articles are intended to paint JPMorgan in a negative light. The WSJ paints Gates as almost a victim and says he was “threatened.” The same publication also published an article at the end of April entitled “JPMorgan’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein Were Deeper Than the Bank Has Acknowledged.”

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Could this be political? Perhaps Rupert Murdoch, a personal friend of Bill Gates, wanted to expose the story to sugarcoat his friend’s ties to Epstein. There is speculation that the Murdoch press giant is a huge proponent of vaccinations, a cause near and dear to Bill’s heart. Murdoch has made numerous donations to the Gates Foundation as well. Microsoft once intended to compete against News Corp but then decided to work a deal over Sky Global Networks. The connections between Dimon, Murdoch, and Gates are deep. However, it appears that Murdoch and Gates may be against Dimon and are using the power of the media to undermine America’s biggest bank.