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Debt Foregiveness

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QUESTION: Will debt forgiveness only be for government entities at all levels or will it include private businesses and private citizens as well?  If it will be for all, then why not go out now, take out a loan, buy something (i.e. car) with the loan, sit back and wait for the debt to be forgiven, and one has just acquired a new item at very little expense (one may have to lose loan admin fees and a few months of loan payments in the process)?



ANSWER: The agenda is you will own nothing and be happy. That means they take everything you own from property to pensions & 401K, and in return, they eliminate all your debts – so you will be happy!

Those who own their own home lose. But if we ran out and took a mortgage, they would take the cash. These are very clever people and governments are behind it because they can no longer pay their national debts and they cannot sell more. They are racking up the expanded money supply to cover costs with no intention of having to really pay for anything. Listen to Trudeau how he refuses the questions. Pretends their will be an economy and that interest rates will never rise.