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Conspiracy & Reality

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Anybody who dares to try to link COVID with the Great Reset is suddenly dangerous and a conspiracy theorist. Here is a video from Kaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum pushing the Great Reset. Here is a clip just in case they remove it. Here is Dr. Anthony Fauci saying the same thing that COVID has provided the opportunity for this Great Reset, followed by Christine Legarde the head of the European Central Bank, and the CEO of Bank of America – Brian Moynihan.



CDC 1970

What is Fauci doing appearing in a Davos video supporting the Great Reset? He has lied about herd immunity when in 1970 required 25% of the population compared to 85% today. Why? Initially, Fauci said the truth that masks do not prevent anything. But we are evil conspiracy theorists for pointing out inconsistencies and his link with the World Economic Forum?


Why is it that when all these people agree on the Great Reset, and we dare to point that out, we become the misinformation who should have our tongue ripped out? Then Google Maps has a Timeline and shows everywhere you have been traveling for years and where you are today. They track us with our phones. An still, mainstream media is so desperate to get us to surrender all our rights, privileges, immunities, freedom of speech, and freedom of thought.



I really do wish Star Trek were real. I would right now be saying: Scotty! Beam me up! Get me out of here! Hurry!