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Question Your Change to Speak

I continue to believe that this virus was manufactured and deliberately released neither by China nor the US Military and at the same time, we have the Grand Wizzard Bill now calling to end all beef consumption, and simultaneously, there is a rising call to reduce the population. Killing millions in the name of saving the planet is not genocide in their mind. It is just pruning like a tree. These people do NOT believe in God and they do NOT believe in Nature for it will always regulate the population without their intervention. 

One Child Canada sign population

NEVERTHELESS, resistance is building. This may erupt in civil wars in 2022. We DESPERATELY need the police to see that the consequences of following orders like the Nazis, will lead to the destruction of society and the deaths of their own families. Resistance is NOT futile.

These people are evil and seriously deranged. COVID has been used to gain power and they have used it to distract people from their real agenda which they let drip out ever so slowly. One step at a time until the then hope it is too late. The idea of internment camps and not much different from the Nazi Concentration camps that were exterminating specific groups also to purify the herd. Hitler was of the same mindset – eugenics.

The Media is firmly in the hands of these people and will continue to preach we need to reduce the population for climate change. The press once upon a time, challenged the government. Now they are agents of the state. They are now telling people not to have children because of COVID rushing out studies claiming the children are stupid.

COMMENT #1: Marty,

The speed with which France, Italy, and other EU members are moving to enforce the Green Card, which is now being copied in stages by the US, is sending a clear warning ahead to non vaccinated people even trying to order out(forget eating in) is eventually going to disappear as an option. Currently, most Euros eat outside, by preference….sure, eating in when it rains and in colder weather is normal and will follow, but I would expect in the US the Feds and some states are going to push restaurants and many other service businesses not only to enforce the vaccine as proof of entry at the door but will soon deny service even for people looking to order out…think this isn’t possible? Well, did anyone see COVID coming, mask mandates, a long lockdown, untested “vaccines” being enforced on government, state, and municipality employees? Or Universities having this power(recently backed by an idiotic Supreme Court) to deny students entry?

Look, these M’fers are looking to even prevent people from flying domestically if they aren’t vaxxed. This heavy-handed approach is nothing more than a staged enforced campaign to impose vaccines, you mentioned internment camps…these people are out of their GD minds. And later, to starve people out…think this isn’t possible?

Liberals. Always right. Always preaching. Always looking out for mankind…even if you have to kill a few million people…because, it’s the idea that matters, not the individual!


COMMENT #2: All these foundations, societies, NGOs, and other organizations haven’t popped up overnight or own their own. There are so many it’s hard to count. But why are so many of them based in England and specifically London?

COMMENT #3: Marty,

Good Sunday morning to you!
I have personally found this video of a conference with Dr Robert Malone quite informative, possibly one of the most informative discussions on COVID-19 that I have seen or read.  Dr Malone who was involved in the development of the mRNA vaccine technology back in the 1980’s at the Salk Institute.  This is a two-hour conference done just last week, August 10, 2021, for the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley.  The first 30+ minutes, he introduces himself, if you need an introduction.  Otherwise, it gets quite interesting from the 34-minute mark onwards.  (If you don’t want to click the link, simply go to, and look at this weekend’s selections.)