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Conspiracy Theories Coming True

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Great Reset World Puzzle

COMMENT: Marty, your forecasts have been amazingly correct years in advance and then we get to watch other analysts coming in at the last minute to pretend they called it. You have always been in the mix and actually know all the people in all of these events since Long Term Capital Management. I have followed you since the 1980s. Now, everything you have said from the start of this pandemic that others called conspiracy theories is also coming true. Are you sure someone does not speak to you in the middle of the night? LOL


WEF Cyber Attack Hack

REPLY: Well if anyone is whispering to me while I’m sleeping, I don’t remember when I wake up, or maybe this is all one giant elaborate dream. Putting the world together from a global perspective simply allows you to see the whole picture. It’s like those who would write and accuse me of just being a Trump supporter and were caught up in this myopic perspective of only looking at domestic events. They are just incapable of ever seeing that the real strings being pulled are from other sources outside the USA. Only now are people starting to see that this was NEVER an election between Trump v Biden. This was Trump v Schwab, Gates, Soros, and all the agencies associated with the United Nations from the IMF, WHO, World Bank, and BIS.

Schwab 2030 Overthrow USA

Schwab has even put it in his 2030 agenda — the United States will NO LONGER be the world’s leading superpower. Instead, the title will be shared by a “handful of countries,” which is of course the United Nations. The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) has created this pandemic, and who is its biggest contributor once Trump removed US funding, as did Ronald Reagan? None other than Bill Gates.



Soros has been pushing for the end of the world economy as we know it. He sees China as state capitalism because the government is not elected, but it allows the freedom of its people to produce and innovate. With US and Western capitalism, which he calls international capitalism, the only real difference is that the governments are elected. He set forth here back in 2010 his view that we need to create a new global economy, and he sees the G20/United Nations as that role and naively believes that this will end conflicts and war because there would be only one government.



This is what the former president of France stood up and said in the European Parliament. The EU was all about ending European wars by creating one government. These people live in a dream world. They fail to look beyond the heads of state, for there lies the people. But we are regarded as the Great Unwashed, easily manipulated, and unintelligent, so no point in listening to the voices of the people.

Schwab WEF End of Democracy

This is why you have Schwab stating in his 2030 Agenda that they will retain the “checks and balances that underpin our democracies,” but your right to vote is unimportant. This is Soros’ new vision of creating a new world order for we the Great Unwashed are to be just told what to do.



They needed to get rid of Trump to pull off their attempt to create a one-world government. Trump was the obstacle, for he did not agree with this agenda. Biden stated clearly he would immediately rejoin the United Nations. There are people in Washington who you would call a traitor because they have bought into this idea of man-made climate change and believe it will take a one-world government to save the planet.

Roosevelt Baking Cartoon

COVID is a scam. I ABSOLUTELY know that people were told in advance a virus was coming, and the COVID Crash in March 2020 our computer picked up as a manipulation, yet they did use our model to get the timing when to strike. They have been fighting me for decades, so this time they tried to use my timing, but the markets rebounded, and they failed to create another 2007-2009 crisis they had hoped would be a Great Depression. That would have made it easy for them to redesign the world economy, as was the case with Roosevelt. That was their agenda, and it FAILED.

TIME Person of the Year Biden

I have stated clearly that I use to fly around and meet the people who wanted to run for president. It was a process where I would actually be assessing if they could handle the job. I was then asked to fly to Texas to meet Bush Jr. but was told this was “different” because he was “stupid,” which totally shocked me. When I asked why they would make someone “stupid” president, they said he had the name. I was then asked if I would take the role of Chief Economic Adviser in the White House, and I declined. I was not about to give up my business for such a short-term gig.

Deep State 1

But 1999 was when the line was crossed. Perhaps I was naive and did not realize that I was working behind the curtain in what would become the Deep State. As I reflect back on my life, I see what was developing, but 1999 was when the line between the country and the bureaucracy was crossed. Where I thought I was helping the country, I then saw how that taste of power distorted those in Washington to believe they could do a better job.

PlazaAccord 1

I was drawn in after being called in 1985 as an expert on reconstructing the world monetary system, which was the birth of what was then the G5 at the Plaza Accord, and today is the G20. I disagreed and went out of committee, as they said, and wrote directly to President Reagan. Ever since, they just saw me not as the typical “YES man” agreeing with whatever to stay in the game and pretend I was important. I have always liked my independence, and trading markets were just like an ATM machine for me, so I never needed money. I did not inherit anything but fortitude, my father’s intellect, my mother’s tenacity with respect to honor (tending to hold fast), and talent for trading that seems to have been in the family for decades.

Laissez faire 1

Yes, I have been in the mix. I have had a front-row seat, which is why they tried so hard to eliminate me. I have been tenacious and held to my beliefs that have been formed by studying history; I can see very clearly what they are trying and how they will fail. So while others are simply plagiarizing our models, they are blind to the real outcome, or they would stand up and do something other than trying to simply rack in money.

Letter Armstrong to Reagan October 1985 With PhotoSprinkel 11081985