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Winter Woes – Green New Deal Turns Deadly

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Extreme Cold

Over 150 million Americans are under a winter chill advisory due to life-threatening temperatures. Every state besides Hawaii has issued some form of caution to residents as nearly 80% of the nation faces below-freezing weather. Extreme weather highlights the importance of fossil fuels, as there is NO reliable alternative.

Texas is on the verge of having another power grid failure of the ERCOT system. Around 11,000 Texans experienced power outages on Monday. In 2021, a winter storm devastated the state, millions lost power, and hundreds lost their lives, causing state leaders to move further from renewables. Governor Abbott blamed solar and wind energy reliance for thrusting the state into a lethal situation, and called the Green New Deal “a deadly deal for the United States of America.”

Texas Frozen Wind Farms

EV owners across the nation are already feeling the impact. Tesla owners in the Chicago area have been unable to charge their vehicles due to the extreme cold. The frigid temperatures have caused the charging stations to become congested with non-charging and abandoned cars, leading to a challenging situation for the owners. Cold weather, in general, will hurt the ability of electric vehicles to charge properly, requiring the battery to be preconditioned to accept a fast charge.

Yet, the US government wants to implement electric school buses and military vehicles.


California plans to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035 under the Advanced Clean Cars II, which will ban ALL gas car sales. California has routinely seen its power grid weaken due to extreme weather. In the summer of 2022, the California Independent System Operator called for a “voluntary energy conservation” during the upcoming Labor Day weekend due to the failing power grid. They are asking residents to refrain from charging their cars between 4 PM and 9 PM, which is when demand peaks. “If left unmanaged, the power demanded from many electric vehicles charging simultaneously in the evening will amplify existing peak loads, potentially outstripping the grid’s current capacity to meet demand,” Cornell University’s College of Engineering stated.

Rise Fall or Empires Climate

The state estimates it will need 1.2 million charging stations by 2030, but they have a mere 80,000 currently. California does not have the infrastructure to implement this zero-emission ban without toppling the entire power grid. So, electric vehicles alone have the potential to take down California’s power grid.

Clearly, we are amidst a period of global cooling and not warming. This is part of nature’s cycle — we cannot intervene. The globalists have descended their private jets at Davos to discuss climate change and how they can eliminate the least desirable carbon — YOU. They will plot how to limit the public’s usage of essential resources, causing people worldwide to suffer under the belief that they must go without to save the world.

The New Green Deal has become deadly in America and all climate change initiatives threaten civilization at large. The globalists will never convince free thinkers that they must save the planet by limiting indispensable resources that are essential for certain states and nations to remain inhabitable.