Will 2022 be the High in Temperatures?

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QUESTION: I seem to recall that you said 2022 on your computer was a Directional change in temperature and a retest of the 1930s was likely. Could you elaborate on that again since we have high temperatures as your computer warned?


ANSWER: I think you are referring to the study we did on New York City temperatures. Yes, 2022 was a DOUBLE Directional Change. The danger here is that we are in a cycle like the 1930s that produced the Dust Bowl. However, keep in mind that this means we will see extremes on both sides. So while we will experience hotter temperatures than normal in 2022, there is also the risk of extremely cold temperatures in the winter.

Here is the data from the government archives itself and it shows no change in the trend whatsoever to support a perilous cliff of some linear progression with no end to climate change. This is a normal cycle and for 45 years after 1932, temperatures were declining – NOT rising! During the winter, it was snowing in Hawaii. Temperatures in Siberia had broken all records dropping to minus 140°F where people may just freeze to death. The Northwest Passage was still frozen last August. Even looking at the entire Antarctic continent, this winter of 2021 was already the second-coldest on record as reported by the propaganda network – CNN.


Here is the computer forecast on the weather out to 2032 using the government’s data for NYC. We are staring into the abyss when it comes to weather. Without this nonsense of reducing crops for climate change, we are looking square into the eyes of a major crisis that will result in a shortage of food because we are turning colder in winter and warmer in summer. The high in temperature was 1932 and thereafter the low was 1977. That was a 45-year cycle which ironically brought us to 2022 and the Double Directional Change.

If the temperatures exceed the high here in 2022 next year, then it is possible to see a continued hotter summer trend into 2025. However, looking at this Timing Array, if 2022 remains as the 45-year high, then we can see terrible cold into 2025. So the question here is do we get a cycle inversion with continued heat and another Dust Bowl into 2025, or will the ground freeze as in the late 18th century prevent any winter crops.