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Weather Changing

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World Weath 1-22-2017

COMMENT: Hi Marty…youre a legend!

its very evident there are deeper tones underlying our weather changes. If anyone traveled extensively over the last few years across the globe, you can notice how, the northern hemisphere is undergoing harsher winters, the asian tropics are experiencing more rain and erratic thunderstorms sometimes multiple times in the same day (which happened in Singapore on many occasions over the last 4 weeks), and in the middle east (i.e UAE), the winters dont seem to be very chilly anymore, almost as if the temperature fluctuation in the middle eastern region is leveling out.


REPLY: Actually, Ashley just flew in from our office in Abu Dahbi (UAE). It is 60 degrees there and 75 here in Florida. When we looked at the map globally, Indonesia and Australia were in the 70s as well, but everywhere else was cold. I was trying to get closer to global warming when I moved to Florida. I think the computer got this one right, at least for now. The press is, as always, desperately trying to support global warming. The recent stories of 2016 being the hottest year desperately avoids the details and uses inflammatory statements. Mainstream media is nothing more than propaganda whenever there is a political issue at stake.