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Volatility in Weather is Spot On! Are Pole Shifts Part of the Process?

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QUESTION: What proof do you have that there is higher volatility in weather? I think you just make this up. I have not seen anywhere else with claims of new high and low records. Humans are responsible for climate change. You are spreading propaganda yourself.


ANSWER: Well here is the list published by the NOAA that shows there have been 17,082 new record daily highs and 17.068 new record lows. If this is what you believe, then stop heating your home in the winter or using air conditioning. Quit your job, stay home. Do not use any public transportation. Grow your own food because even buying a head of lettuce means a truck has to deliver it to the store. You better not read a newspaper, for you are continuing to cutting down trees that suck up CO2. Then again, turn off your computer because even reading this consumes electricity and you are destroying the planet every second, according to your theory.

Do all that and if you are still alive after one year, then let me know how you survived.

For the rest of us who are objective, the VOLATILITY our computer has been forecasting is precisely on target. We have just over 17,000 new record highs and over 17,000 new record lows. That is what we call VOLATILITY in market-terms.

What is difficult to forecast short-term is the polar shifts. The magnetic North Pole is wandering about 34 miles (55 kilometers) a year. The North Magnetic Pole has moved so much, so fast, that a group of scientists rushed to change a model that helps guide shipping, airplanes, and submarines to know where they are in the Arctic Ocean. In February 2019, the scientists released new information on the North Magnetic Pole. They had to readjust everything sooner than normal. Liquid metal at the center of our planet produces the magnetic field. What is also taking place is that the liquid movements result in the change in the location of the magnetic north, which is always changing. I am sure they would love to figure out a theory that they could blame humans for that as well.

What we DO NOT KNOW is whether the pole shift (which is overdue) was also impacted by the decline in the energy output of the sun. Is the climate change (which always changes) also linked on a correlated basis to major pole shifts? There may be some correlation here. This certainly warrants careful analysis.