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Is a Total Lockdown Coming to the USA?

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Gates Medeval Doctor

After a year of lockdowns and the destruction of jobs on a wholesale basis, Bill Gates wrote that we have not done enough. CO2 did not decline to demonstrate that this entire exercise to use a virus as the excuse to crush the economy to “BUILD BACK BETTER” has failed. Like some medieval doctor who would bleed his patients, they would keep bleeding to relieve the poison in the blood they imagined was there. If the patient died, it was never because they took too much blood, it was because they did not bleed them soon enough.

Lockdown World 2

This is now a clear effort to crush all resistance, not to heal the nation. Our computer is showing a serious turning point both in February and then April/May. It is looking more and more like we will have a total lockdown in the West that will be to suppress CO2 but using the new strain of COVID. When CO2 still does not decline, they will then blame China and Russia along with Brazil.

Biden Build Back Better


The Democrats ran telling the world NOBODY would have died from COVID had Trump did his job. It is absurd to think they will allow things to go on the way they were. Sources are telling us that they are looking at a total lockdown of the United States to destroy more jobs and bring the CO2 levels down. You should make sure you have ample food, for there maybe even a major trucker strike by March.


Based on Bill Gate’s character and stories that leaders have been bribed and threatened, as stated by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and stories coming from Africa, show that this is a global coup to impose their environmental dictates upon the entire world. Destroying the American consumer will have a major economic decline for the entire world into 2022, and NOBODY will stand up to defend the people against this wholesale corruption. You CANNOT wipe out our civilization and build it back better in a year or two. It takes decades for this to unfold even naturally and centralized control by governments makes it worse — just look at why communism failed because of centralized control.