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There is No CO2 Climate Emergency & NASA Data Confirms that

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CO2 Changes Yearly 1850 2011 R 300x207

COMMENT: Marty; Socrates has done a great job with the markets. But your forecasts that the winters would progressively get colder has beaten every forecast on the weather out there, and I have checked. This winter is setting records everywhere from Alaska to the Midwest. If what you have been forecasting for the next solar wave to be the lowest in hundreds of years, I think it is time to move south.

Keep up the great work.


REPLY: The problem is these people supporting climate change began with a predetermined conclusion. That was wrong. So, now all they do is twist everything to pretend they are correct and claim the extreme colder is because of CO2 offering no evidence whatsoever. This is not scientific.

We have put the same CO2 data from NASA into our system. Socrates forecasts that as it does with over 1,000 markets we publish every day.  Here is a simple chart using the NASA data collected from Ice Cores and we plotted this out to ascertain if there any change that warrants such global hysteria. Taking the NASA data, unaltered by me, the annual rate of change in CO2 has been declining.

White House Dinner 1996

They are simply lying about the trend to push their agenda for population control. I have stated before, that was the very same theory behind the Wetlands legislation of the ’90s. At the White House Dinner, I was seated with all the Environmental groups. They admitted their real goal was to reduce the population. They have used CO2 to now further the same agenda which is total nonsense. This chart using the very same data they do demonstrates that the rate of change is declining, not increasing.

These people are dishonest, dangerous, and hell-bent on destroying the industrial revolution and want to send us all back to the stone age eliminating cars and airplanes in additional to ending heating and airconditioning why brainwashing girls not to have children.