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The Future & Safe Havens

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2020 The Great Reset

QUESTION: Hi martin
Hope you are keeping great and getting better each day.
You mentioned in a previous blog that you would be talking about safe havens if there are any. Is this something you will be talking about in future.
Thanks for keeping me sane in these crazy times.
All the best

ANSWER: We are running our models in every country in the world in search of an alternative. There is no question about it, we will release a report quickly on this Great Reset. The computer has been forecasting these events and quite honestly, it has never been wrong. The problem has been it cares not who the actor is, it merely looks at the trend. I have taken great pains to investigate and document the players and their goals. No government will dare even investigate these people and they have enough money to bribe every politician to do their bidding. They are making a serious mistake for what they are doing is cornering the population and they will soon see what a revolution really is all about.

2020 Cycle of War

It forecast in 1985 that we would see the first time a third-party candidate could win the White House in 2016. That forecast was made long before anyone even thought of Donald Trump. The event takes place on schedule and we have to fill in the fundamentals. The computer has been forecasting that Western Civilization would crash and burn by 2032 and the financial capital of the world would shift to China. We can see with each passing month how that forecast is unfolding on schedule. NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have suspected that a group of billionaires would ban together to destroy our world economy so they could reshape it in the fashion they desire.

Nevertheless, we are working diligently to try to map out the various paths to the future for all of us to take. These people are of course exempting themselves from their own proposals, but they support a 400% increase in taxation on the rest of us great unwashed. Many people have long criticized Warren Buffett for advocating a rise in taxes for they feel that he has made it and wants to slam the door to make sure nobody else can follow.